At Niche, we believe that making the right choices extends not only to the food we put on your plate, but also on the impact we have on the environment and the world around us. We always choose the most sustainable option first.

It is a point of pride that we source much of our produce and meat from local producers and farmers in season. This keeps money in our local economy and also reduces our carbon footprint.

Seafood is brought in fresh daily from fishing boats that have sustainable practices and are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council or the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. We choose not to serve certain types of fish due to overfishing and regularly monitor environmental watch lists for updates on the world's fisheries. 

Our wine list is chosen with an emphasis on wines that are certified organic, biodynamic, and sustainable. We don't just select a wine for quality of grapes, but also for wineries that have same beliefs and values.

Our coffee is locally roasted by Caffe Ibis in Logan, Utah and is triple certified: organic, shade grown, and fair trade in addition to being bird safe and grown by the Café Femenino Co-op in Peru - a group owned and run 'by women only' growers.