When you walk in the door, we promise every time:


  • That you will get not just edible food, but great food; not just great food but a great experience
  • To do everything we can to make you happy
  • That someone will be there with a warm welcome
  • That food safety standards will be followed
  • That we will make the most sustainable and environmentally sound choices
  • That we will cook for you like we would cook for our moms – always with love
  • That we will source locally first whenever possible
  • That we will be a part of the community and give back to our community


Most of all we promise that we are not just here to collect our guests' money at the end of the day. We are here to do what we love – to provide delicious food and a unique experience to you, our guest. We believe that by fulfilling our promise we will sustain each other.

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Caffè Niche · 779 East 300 South Salt Lake City UT 84102 · 801.433.3380
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