Ethan's passion for cooking was born from a passion for golf. When he was 12 years old he worked as a short order cook at a golf course so that he had free access to the courses. He took that 12 year old passion and eventually moved from the links to Syracuse University in New York where he achieved a degree that he also developed 'Ethics, Human Nature and the Hospitality Industry."


Following his time at Syracuse, Ethan moved on to the Culinary Institute of America in Napa at the Greystone Campus where he received an advanced culinary arts certificate.


Ethan was also deeply influenced by his aunt Frances Moore Lappé – food activist and best-selling author of 'Diet for a Small Planet.' He has carried on the family tradition of what his aunt terms 'living democracy' or the idea that it is not just what we do in the voting booth, but through everyday choices of what we buy and how we live to create a system of goods and goodness that fit within "living democracy," i.e. not only what we do in the voting booth but through our daily choices of what we buy and how we live, can we effectively solve today's social and environmental challenges.


Ethan spent time honing his skills at Houstons, as well as several award-winning restaurants in Utah such as Em's, Zola, and Squatters. The time was well spent at both developing close relationships with local farmers and ranchers – many of whom are now featured at Niche.


Ethan's philosophy as a chef is about fresh and simple ingredients, prepared to highlight the flavors and textures of the food.

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